Come pulire la stazione di plastificazione?

You may clean the laminating station separately from the printing station.

1. Switch the printer on and open the cover.
2. Check if there is any other film in the lamination station. If so, gently remove the film while avoiding folding or bending it.
3. Make sure you use the specific adhesive cleaning card. Remove the two backing papers from the front and back of this card.
4. Enter in the display screen menu by pressing one of the buttons.
5. Select the CLEANING menu then push OK
6. Select LAMINATOR then push OK
7. The message CLEANING LAMIN will prompt you to continue the operation by pushing OK or to cancel the operation by selecting CANCEL
8. Insert the cleaning card into the opening below the receptacle to the left side of the printer.
9. The card is fed into the interior of the printer. As the card passes multiples times inside the printer, it thoroughly cleans the laminator and eliminates the particles of film and dust on the roller.
10. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the cleaning card comes out of the printer. Dispose of the card.
11. Put the film back into the laminating station. The display screen will indicate ‘Ready’