Come stampare una carta di prova?

  1. Printing a test card makes it possible to collect technical information specific to your printer. We suggest you print it immediately after the initial installation of your printer. Keep this card at hand.
  2. Wait until all printing jobs are over.
  3. Make sure a ribbon is installed in the printer and that a blank card is loaded in the feeder.
  4. Enter in the display screen menu by pressing one of the buttons.
  5. Scroll through the menu using the button, to reach the SERVICE menu item. Validate with OK.
  6. Scroll again through the menu again using the button to reach the TECH CARDS menu item. Validate with OK.
  7. The Self-test menu item is displayed. Select OK to trigger the printing of a test card.
  8. The test card is printed within seconds. It displays information such as the printer model and serial number.
  9. The test card is then ejected to the output hopper.