Come utilizzare la vaschetta di uscita?

Your Securion printer comes with a reject box to collect faulty cards and separate them from cards that are successfully printed.
Such cards are automatically stacked in the reject box which has a capacity for holding 15 cards.
Make sure you empty this box on a regular basis to avoid any disruption during printing runs.

You need to proceed in two steps:

  1. First, remove all cards.
  2. Then reset the card meter to zero. The printer is notified on the number of cards in the box.

The process for emptying the box and resetting the meter is as follows:

  1. Open the printer cover.
  2. Open the box by swinging the door forward and removing all cards.
  3. Close the reject box door.
  4. Close the cover.
  5. Press on any button of the control panel to access the menu.
  6. Select the CONFIG menu item and validate with OK . Scroll through the menu until the REJECT BOX sign is displayed. Then select OK .
  7. Choose the RESET menu item and select OK .
  8. Exit the menu.

Evolis recommends that you empty the box on a regular basis, whenever you change the ribbon or clean the printer for example.