Come pulire l'interno della stampante?

Cleaning the insides of the printer is required every 500 cards processed cards, when the cleaning LED alerts you.

  1. Make sure the printer is switched on and open the cover.
  2. Press on both sides of the feeder and detach it from the printer by lifting it up and out.
  3. Remove any card located in the feeder.
  4. Use a new cleaning card provided by Evolis and load it in the feeder.
  5. Press the control panel’s push button for one second.
  6. The cleaning process will start.
  7. As the card passes multiple times inside the printer, it cleans the card transport rollers, the cleaning rollers, and the print head as well.
  8. The used card is ejected from the printer’s front mouth.
  9. Reload the blank cards in the feeder.