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Soluzioni complete per l'identificazione e la personalizzazione di badge e carte plastificate:


Case study


  • ACI-NA (Airports Council International North America). Meet-us on Booth #539!

    Set17 - 202017

    ACI-NA is the premier event for airport industry professionals exhibiting innovative products and services. Evolis will present its access control solutions Primacy Lamination and Primacy.

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  • Gastvrij Rotterdam, booth #458

    Set18 - 202017

    Kortho, Evolis’ Partner in Netherlands, will promote EDIKIO, Evolis' new range of all-in-one fresh food labelling solutions to create efficient, economical and attractive price tags.

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  • Südback, Stuttgart in Germany, Meet us on booth #1H62, Hall 1

    Set23 - 262017

    Identbase, Evolis’ Partner in Germany, will present EDIKIO, the new range of all-in-one fresh food labelling solutions. They enable instant edition and printing of price tags on plastic cards.

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